Shir Hanochi

Final goodbye

"life isn't measured by the numbers of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away". With my poetry, I want to make more of those breathtaking moments, to put everything I feel into words and let everyone else enjoy it as well as learning from it.English is not my first languageā€¦

There's this moment in life,
Right before the death,
You think you'd be crying, nothing else.
But all I can do is look at this knife.

So frightening, sharp and coldest of all.
Who would think I could go this far after all.
Probably the people I know from afar,
The ones that known me best.

I can't make you forgive all of my mistakes,
My final goodbye; never thought I'd get to it,
But this day has come, for me as well,
Just waiting... Till the pain will fade away.

Once it hits you; you know it's gone
Everything you've had; is no longer there,
If only I could pray for a brighter day,
Not for me; but for you to stay.

I love you; with all of my heart, I say,
You hear me but never listen.
I would like to ask for a final request if I may,
Please reconsider and choose to stay.

My love for you has never gone away-
It will stay within me forever, I say.
Even now when I can't feel anything,
I know I still love your heart within.

I've never felt like my whole world turns upside down,
But now I feel it all around.
I can smell the fear but I don't feel it,
I'm done; that's how I see it.

I can feel the pain bursting inside of me,
If only you could see; all I wanted is you and me.
Keep your heart beating, my love,
For you shall not fly away and forget your way.

I want you to stay, this my last words for you-
Treasure the moments we've had all the way through.
Don't get stuck on this day and give up,
Stay alive and live your life to the fullest.

You deserve to feel this love inside,
Just as long as you're pure in mind,
Keep the thoughts of me in a bucket,
And don't forget to lock it.

You may look inside from time to time,
But a return to your life is what you need to find,
If you think you're able to,
Please leave me a note from you.

I love you.