Amir Samji


Fear is ages old disease, exist globally
It is in our mind, chases us universally
Powerful, break the will half way through
Many take advantage of say, they are guru!

Use your intellect, to control your fear
In ignorance we fear, follow us everywhere
Broaden your horizon to get out of it sphere
Fear is product of past, no way long last

As it is baseless in nature, has no true past
Though it is very powerful, and spread very fast
Emotional attachment, gives edge over at last
This is dry grass, have to cut it out very fast!

Its base is ancestral, and roots are vast
So find sphere of it, to root out very fast
Show them truth, explain, & do not blast!
Otherwise, looters will loot them at last!

This is an emotional episode, have to fight with!
Nothing is going to change, unless we strike with
This is an age old disease, cancerous in nature
Convince, give them hope, perhaps they listen!