Mgbada chukwudi cletus

Fashion fades

Name:Mgbada chukwudi cletus occupation:student marital status:single sex:male state:Ebonyi state,Abakaliki. Country:Nigeria ABOUT HIM: He is a funny drud who does know his right from his left.Always carried away by his stoic words;which had variably and invariably,advertently and inadvertentl…

Big comrade weds today,
we must wear our
famous military regalia;

grandpa died last moon,
pay him respect on black,it is our tradition;

lulu prize giving day
crawls close,
we;winners must look unique,
put up a red over-all!

The social day sneaks in,
an African afro can serve
and a cultural vestment.
My allegiance to heathen;

........'s beauty pageant
knocks on my door,
queen Elizabeth's silk
and princess flora's gold ornaments,
'guarantees my crossing';

fashion fades;

wedding attracts gentility
not military agility
and restivity;

burial evolkes giving pure respect,
white is the best;
fashion fades

red shows emptiness and brutalility,
blue is the color
for lulu,
it depicts honor

"afro hair" messages unbridlity,
social days in africa coveys our age-long tradition
of respect.
Bob maley relays the mail;

the queen's
and princess's silk
and gold
are out-dated now.
The beauty saloon holds the secrets!

Fashion fades
they come and go;