arcee calma

False Password to Heaven

Third year Accountancy student

I found worries under the bed
while sad songs continuously playing
Alone in the four corners of the room
in a circle of a lost crowd
drank the tears that dropped brutally
and smoked the pain and sorrows
Allowing it to just go and flow
as the silence of the night
breaks my heart in the wild atmosphere.
Slowly but surely hurts me much.

But the drama is just about to start
Yet deadly
And I
Is a victim
of rejection,
of love
Just like any other man.
And sorry Mama.
You will see my flesh in blood.

The unsigned letters I wrote
Hand it to Lucy
After her wedding with my brother John.

I dream to celebrate the dawn
and accept the reality that she was not belong to me anymore.
But the silence of the night tempted me.

And as I on my way home
I bring nothing but a
False password to heaven

And the silence tempted me again.