Kumar Nmn Kamal

Falling Tears, Parul

"Tears fall from my eyes,as I sit and cry at
The blood drips from my hearts as I read
what you list as love,lust,life
I have so much sorrow
I am all shunned
I can't explain all these
I am just falling apart.
No one comprehends,
I don't know where to end
and I don't know where to begin" ( Parul Begum)
Sweetest Parul,I wished I knew the answers
to all of your enquiries and doubts
As you know Nature abhors emptiness, and
shadows half-heartedly support sun-rays
My love for you is depthless,endless,unused
You are my love Newfound,awaiting to be be
all marked,chatred loud and sound
You are the ripples of orgasms of the monsoon
that comes too soon soaking and swelling you

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