Ishmael Balfour

Fallen Ones are Stars

I started to read poems when I was 10 years old and was liking writing poems each day. Years later my mom was happy and glad I was writing small books and poems but sadly I lost her when I was only 15 years old and Remember's Day was the day she passed. Since then it has been two years and I wanted…

Walk with me little one and you will see,

Where the fallen ones go to sleep...

Listen close and you will hear!

The wings of an angel flapping away,

Taking the fallens to their final resting place...

Through the mist that blankets the graves!

"Are they going to be okay..?"

Don't cry little one it's alright,

The angels are taking them to the sky,

Where they are turn into beautiful stars that light up the night,

Have you see a falling star at any point in your life?

Have you wish upon it with all your might?

Maybe one day you will be a shining star at night..?