Heidrun Kordholste-Nikander

Fall's abundance

I was born in Germany in 1960. I lived in Germany, Finland, and California and have visited many European countries. I currently live in Germany, but I would like to return to the US. I started writing poems in California inspired by the beautiful nature. I have a master degree in forestry and Nort…

The warm summer is over
Rotten is the purple clover
Fruits and berries are ripe
Near the house, birds of all type
A robin sits in the tree
Way to hungry to flee
It came to feed on cherry
And on the first blackberry
It is getting really plump
Red apples start to dump
Down into the golden meadow
Close to the robin's shadow
Its breast is as red as bricks
Grown up are all the chicks
The sun still warms him up
Close is some water in a tub
Nature offers lots of food
And our robin is in a good mood

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