When I started to read faces with keen,
The first thought has been,
How beautiful is the creation.
Those smiling faces,
With little sadness on them,
I found eternity of world on each of it.
Their eyes as if revealing their story.
What a creative face!
 But horrible noses.
I highly regret,
Those steadily unblinked eyes,
Full of blind dreams.
Those lips full of silence,
Trying to predict their story,

But the second thought,
Made sadness bought.
Oh! How ugly faces,
Demarking the beauty of cases,
Why it has been created,
In the world of beauty.
Those one eyed faces,
With horns on them
Or long ears then-
Those fat faces wise,
or mask otherwise,
Either forested head,
or bald head.
But one thing not a lie,
Beauty lies in behold eye,
Nothing is been ugly,
Nothing is unfair,
Its creation
A multifacet creation.