Solomon Kamara

Eyes of a demonic angel

Please be honest with your reviews and I'll be honest with mine.

After all this time
I still remember those eyes
Eyes that could make me commit a crime
Eyes that brought me sorrow whenever I said bye

Eyes that could see through my very soul
That kept me wondering whether it was angelic or demonic
It was so beautiful I couldn't move
Yet I felt naked anytime it looked at me

No matter what I wore
No matter where I was
It stripped me naked
Instantly, my heart was stolen and left wounded

Eyes that were masters of seduction
Or rather I say, lords of deception

Every eye contact felt like soul contact
Every eye contact felt like it was in love with you
Every eye contact kept you wondering
Every eye contact turned you into a puppet

I still remember after all this time
The eyes of a demonic angel
The eyes I could couldn't help but love