Wallace LaBenne

Everyone Has Secrets

Poetry sounds like snowflakes landing on spring flowers. I write, read and hear poems with my heart.

Everyone Has Secrets

 Secrets are pandemic whether they're held or told:

 covert, furtive, stealthy, elusive, sly and bold.

 There are sinful secrets that paralyze with shame.

 Struthiously hiding can't self-respect reclaim.

 There are family secrets of embarrassing deeds.

 Surreptitious closure conceals their greater needs.

 There are secret guidelines that guarantee success:

 cryptographic styling leading to happiness.

 There are secret places for private rendezvous:

 clandestine hideaways with no traceable clue.

 There are secret visions, instilled by reverie,

 of romantic conquests or destroyed enemy.

 There are hidden secrets too personal to share:

 dirty, dark and heavy, overwhelming to bear.

 There are open secrets already known to all:

 each attempt to cover is far beyond recall.

 Everyone has secrets. Some offer lots of fun.

 Many are quite toxic which only shock or stun.

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