Alexander Lim

Every Day is Mother's Day

I am a neurologist, who writes mostly medical articles for publication. When I have time, I tend to write essays and forums, sometimes for our local newspaper in areas that interest me, some of which may be quite controversial. I love "point" and "counterpoint", having been a co-captain of my Hi-sc…

Mothers are unique, Heaven sent
Their hearts, a masterpiece
 God made them so
God and mothers, a partnership they form
to nuture and guide us through life's strife.

Mothers' love never fades, never dies
It endures and is forever ingrained
from the time we are conceived
to the day we die
Mothers' hearts can never be matched.

Mothers' love is unconditional
Their hearts soft, yet not fragile
Moms try to steer us down the right path
They have infinite patience and wisdom
Their hearts are made to last.

Mothers deserve our thanks everyday
Tho' we never say it often enough
For all the sacrifices they make
A very special day they do deserve
As we all chime in to say: "Happy Mother's Day"