Den Khaustov


creative and elaborate person with avalanche of tangled thoughts roaming in the head that can unexpectedly align and pour out on a paper, forming a new piece of art

I can behold your eyes no more.
Something made us to be apart.
Your mind gave hint to lock the door
That led me to the stricken heart.

You're gone and left only phantom
Of an alluring smile I liked so much.
Perhaps our love was feeble, random.
Its slightest trail we didn't try to clutch.

My cheek remember fervent kiss,
Your carnal lips caressing mine.
That was like breath of mild breeze
With faint scent of bitter wine.

I'm being ripped apart by choice,
Decisive choice I have to make.
Remove from memory your voice
Or dive again in gray blue lake.

Deep lake of pure, angelic eyes
In which I loved to float some time.
Will it be one more morning when you rise
Your lids, committing flawless crime?

I'll get you back at any price.
From now on it is my goal.
The feelings break indifferent disguise
To find new path straight to your soul.