Jawahar Gupta

Eternal Truth

Inside your heart belongs to you
My heart desire of good of all
Truth is a land of single path
Without any cult creed cast but crystal clear
No matter how small the truth
Always truth remains eternally here
No tears,no pains,no end no start
No smile ,no touch, No discussion no silence
No hell no heaven,no mating no dating
Always truth remains eternally here

No season no year,no pleasure no leisure
No window no door,no bitter no sweet
No wiser no miser,No skilled nor unskilled
Always find, truth leads the same path.

Now the time for you to examine
Your internal real self greatness
For some ,life may be a festival,jail or a fair
But Truth remains eternally take same care.

Feel your pulse ,feel comes from with in you
Seems only an issue to find your own path
Since your internal heart belongs to you
And Inside my heart belongs to me.

~~~~~~~Jawahar Gupta~~~~~~

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