A Radday

Estuary Of Love

I started writing poetry in my early childhood. When I was quite small I wrote a poem for my mum. When she passed away many years later I realised that was her favourite present from me ever. I started to think that there might just be some value to my poetry.

On those days when sun did not shine, could not break through the cloud
Just wept and called your name, as ever the storm was breaking, so loud
And every drop of rain I gathered with your name to see me through
Not knowing when again I was going to see…to be with you….

I heard you call my name I guess the worlds collided, too soon an end
Leaves carried in the wind waiting for all of it to settle, heart to mend…
Distant trains carried the memory of us all into the estuary of love with sighs
And again and again somehow I was reminded that for me there could be..
  ~no love without us~

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