Gary Bégin


The constant personal flux caused by obsessions?

Are they in existence to challenge the spirit

By channeling negative energy into high output

Zen prerogatives?

Just don't see it for decades then run a cheap motel.
On André's farm in Madagascar I see the pretty butterflies.
Are feelings of being controlled also a sense of controlling?
Did you make your point Turbo or are people
Still dissin' you and yours? And you Master of the Universe?
No babes, only one Leon Russell,
Only one Muscle Shoals, only one young boy
In the Nassau Coliseum on the Island wonderin'
If his brain starved when the 12-gauge took over town.
Or did it portray the Banyan, God's tree of individual
Collectivization, as the sunseekers cannibalize themselves
And disintegrate amidst the coolest friends soon to
Abandon him and his for reasons unknown
Or too wuss-like to ever mention again or too
Fashionable to wear to a costume party even if in the hall
Of a hedgerow King reading Byron or Yeats or Keats?
* Essential Questions of Recreation