Ging Alburo D.

Enough Is Enough (Poem No. 576)

Hi Everyone! This is Ging not so tall and not so short. I came from a big family of Ten and I am the last fruit of my parents love on the first set of seven siblings. My family describe me as friendly, lively, lovely and poetic and funny; this is when I was at home in my native land and speak my ow…

I've Heard enough,
I've Seen enough,
I've Said enough,
I'm Informed enough
I Knew enough,
I'd Laughed enough,
I'd Cried enough,
I'd Loved enough,
I'd Liked enough,
I'd Lived enough,
Finally,I have enough.
I'm Big time survivor.
Enough is Enough.:)
And one word is enough
For a Wise Man or woman.
That's the reason
Why I am the way I am.
Sometimes: Quiet, Distance, Resistance;
Talkative, Responsive, Aggressive,
And sometimes, full of annoyances as you said;
But, Affectionate, Compassionate, and Down to Earth;
Joyful, Respectful, Helpful, Faithful,
Thoughtful, Cheerful, Prayerful, playful;
Understanding, Caring, Daring,
Considerate in Considering
the most Considerable
Consideration that need to be Considered.
I've been through different journeys of life,
In both good and bad times and other strifes;
Like perils of the sea, and perils of the air,
As well as perils of the land
and the devil did not care.
Yes, sound complicated "ME";
But someone said I have great personality.
"I am F.B.I they said;"
(Fabulous, Beautiful and Intelligent)
Then, Goodmorning to my self!hehehe
So,please step carefully around me,
You might push the wrong button again accidentally.
Then both of us will have a bad day.

By Ms. Ging