Wallace Dean LaBenne

Ends And Means

Professor, therapist, author and poet.

Ends don't justify the means when methods are unfair.
Machiavellian cunning and bad faith laid bare.

Abstract philosophies are often doctrinaire.
They obfuscate and confuse making things unclear.

Political posturing appears quite debonair.
A deceptive distortion, just blowing hot air.

Adherents of cultism try to lure and ensnare.
They wish to entangle souls, the caution: "beware."

Urbane sophistication can be devil-may-care.
A pretentious attitude in the whole affair.

Limited people get by on wings and a prayer.
They are ever dependent on public welfare.

Staunch religiosity with truth cannot compare.
An empty set of rituals to later forswear.

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