Endless Embrace

I'm a 30-year old who suffers from Schizophrenia. Suffers, being the keyword. I am a tortured soul. I'm plagued with substance dependence and mental illness, which is also known as a dual diagnosis.Poetry was soothing when I was beginning to hit rock bottom. I felt as if I was at the end of my ropeā€¦

With arms masculine and strong
The gaze is long.
With arms gentle and tender
Nothing could render,

The feeling of this embrace
To be misplaced...
Primordially and historically
Throughout the human race,

Bonds are shared...
My longing ceases to fare,
With the feeling of you melting in my arms
Lifting any notion of your harm.

Clutching with all of my might,
So that we may be all that much closer tonight
The world fades carelessly
So that we may live erroneously.

The world need not ponder...
It's temporary, we're just growing fonder.
As if that's even a possibility,
This feeling is indescribable when you're this near to me.

The world will have to hesitate
And patiently wait.
Our grasp, our embrace, to alleviate,
Our seemingly perfect fate.

As we endlessly caress,
Completely disregarding what's deemed best.
For your love has restored this hopeless romantic.
Without you, life would be mere semantics.

This simple gesture, this simple word;
Has left the rest of life meaningless and absurd.
Commodities? consumerism? Leave a distaste,
For all that I long for is, that endless embrace.

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