Ayhan Diril


I said ‘hi’ to a new morning,
With some storm in my heart,
Feeling sad, feeling desolate.
Day has no meaning without you
I care not whether it is early or late.

Was it our hope like a broken glass?
In front of my garden with falling leaves,
Shedding tears is no use to give them life.
In the garden of my heaven,
A dark rose makes me feel drunk.
In my throat leaving a knot,
It burns me if I touch it or not.
It burns me day and night,
Whether I smell it or not.

The dark brown eyes bring me happiness,
I get burned whether I look into them or not.
The smiling lips bring me sunshine
With you everywhere is a shrine.
I get burned whether I kiss them or not.
As my feelings overflow,my eyes get wet.
My heart beats keep calling your name.
At the top of my tongue a happy song,
Standing under the umbrella
I Keep saying your name Ella,Ella.
I beat time with the song Ella,my Ella,
Whether you hear me or not.

God is my only hope,the most merciful.
I ask him for help,you will be only prayer.
I will love you forever I swear,
Whether He grants you to me or not.
Even the sun feels shy to shine
To a day without you.
Let’s wait for the night
To see if the stars will appear.
It is so visible so clear,
You’ll be my only star,
Whether they greet me or not.

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