Wallace Dean LaBenne

Egocentric Selfishness

Professor, therapist, author and poet.

An annoying self-excess of an odious process
can definitely express egocentric selfishness

Enervating travesty lends to self-enlarging parody

Condescending haughtiness lends to self-regarding naughtiness

Nauseating crudity lends to self-promoting nudity

Overbearing incandesce lends to self-absorbing effloresce

Patronizing vanity lends to self-centering amity

Saturating dottiness lends to self-displaying snottiness

Maneuvering perfidy lends to self-indulging gaucherie

Irritating arrogance lends to self-appointing insolence

Egocentric selfishness can definitely express
an annoying self-excess of an odious process

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