Julie McGinnis


day after day,you eat my thoughts..night after night you swallow my life.in this thing called the ego.
waves of painful charecter dictate me to the point of no return.waves of despair sweep me off my my feet,as the slimy sea weed drowns me of who i really am.repetitive x rays at the doctors have taken a physical hold.oh i see so you say you dont care?well then ill be moving on.thank you dr.im feeling much better.i found a new place,and that is my heart it truly is alive.i dont need him to make me complete,what a fool i was.my new life is beginning,ive accepted those unchangeanle things they
dont control the inner me anymore.it feels good to read a book alone,i dont need to share it with you for completion.going to classes with new heads much like my own created a new journey.never can i change what i allowed you to steal.but i can collect silver,gold,and copper
over flowing with much more than you took.my ego was just a leaky pipe waiting for proper maintenence to live.the tools have been revealed.so ill be on my way and put them to good use

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