Meena Somasundaram

Economic Bonhomie.

The economy is building up
say all with the hep
 How do they build the economy?
p*ss it any thing of the bonhomie.
Being a citizen of the world
 where financials center around gold
which is marked by a rise and fall
knowing not from where it takes the call
 it has a dictatorial sway over
with others taking the cover
 be it commodities and stocks
if happen to move should unlock
the big one that hangs over gold
which stretches others to a freeze and cold
 precipitating the inflation to an extent
 where people have to shy away with less intent
 restricting their buy to a bare necessity
if that be there with an ingenuity
then the economy would shoot up to a level
 by which the countries down could revel
and get confined to progress and prosperity