Echo in the hollow

A fortyish native born all American man. Married twice and for the last time. I have four children; Three daughters and one son that are all over the age of eighteen. I also have two grandchildren; one three years old and one nine months old. Inspired by God, tragedy, life's experiences and th…

Cypress haven
Echo in the hollow?
Creatures of the night?
Is it the hoot of the owl?
Shadowed chirps…
That follow?
Maybe, saw grass yips
Puppies on the prowl?
Half sunken boggy mass
Further echoes in the hollow?
Black furry cubs
Just learning a growl?
Or whiny songs
Escaping baby swallows?
Bullfrog warts
Balloon chin bellows?
Moonlights maestro
Conducting within the wallows
Wooded tenant choir
Mother Nature, She echoes through the hollow