A fortyish native born all American man. Married twice and for the last time. I have four children; Three daughters and one son that are all over the age of eighteen. I also have two grandchildren; one three years old and one nine months old. Inspired by God, tragedy, life's experiences and th…

(Revisions courtesy of Lindsay George Hall)

In the deepest darkest hollows
She dances silently from oak tree’s mightiest limb
On every side the mist taunting by timber’s shadows
But, the guardian still sits watchful and spins within spins
Friendless with only kin being the woodland’s wisest owls
Captures evil spirits as they tempt to do her in
Then, lures the nightmares daring to be swallowed
As she whips from side to side searching for other sin
This sentinel is ever hopeful for coming morrows
And smiles staring into winter days growing dim