Monica Harley

Doth Thee Love Still

I, Monica Harley, was born in Fort Campbell, Kentucky on April 6, 1981. However, I am currently living in Knoxville, Tennessee. I started writing poetry in fall of 2001 when I realized that I was half way through with college at 20 years old. My first poem, "Canst Thou Love Again," was published in…

Doth thee love still?
With warm sincerity and will
The seasons past real fast
Without knowing if you had a blast
With you in my heart
Assures that we will never part
Still I wonder if I am still in your life
Because without everyday living with you there is strife
Days have gone by and you are always on my mind
Anytime of the day while consuming my thoughts I still find
Time for you to withdraw from the world
And embrace my soul in your enticing world
This love will always be the fruit of good
Doth thee love in a way to be understood
Without thy love I will not be able to live well
To the point that you can tell
That my love for you will never die
If hate in the world was only resolved with an eye for an eye.