Miguel Then

Don't blame us

They say that guys,
Dont know about true romance,
That all that we want,
Is a way inside a womans pants,
And that we'd care less
on how you feel,
But what about all the other guys
that keep it real,
And I dont mean the one who left,
I mean the one who holds it down with every breath,
So why do you condemn every guy for your luck,
When there are some of us who give a f*ck,

Baby girl look, you've got a kind heart,
You're beautiful and so smart,
But don't you ever start thinkin,
That we're all the same, oh no,
But cause he f*ck*d you now we're all to blame,
Yeah it's bad so sad and what a shame,
So screw him if you caught him cheatin,
good you don't need em,

Because a real woman,
Should be admired for how she can work it,
Cook and clean and raise a child,
Like she's perfect,
But why, do you overlook the right guy?,
Just because the brotha' aint lookin fly,
You keep on walkin by,
And that's the reason,
Why your alone,
Because you wanted a "bad boy",
To take you home,
And now you say we're all pathetic,
We use women cause we're desperate,
Even though we're sympathetic to your pain...

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