Dema Al-Obaidy

Domestic Problems

لم يعرفوني في الظلال التي تمتص لوني في جواز السفر.......وكان جرحي عندهم معرضا لسائح يعشق جمع الصور......لم يعرفوني..آه لا تتركي كفي بلا شمس.......لأن الشجر يعرفني؛ تعرفني كل اغاني المطر.......لا تتركيني شاحبا كالقمر! ......عار من الاسم من الانتماء في تربة ربيتها باليدين......ايوب صاح اليوم ملء السم…

Four walls surround her fear
 A prison that's worse than hell
 The sharp song in her ear
 is a mix of his shouts and yells
 He attacks the door of her room
 like the untamed wrath of a hurricane
 The only eye witness is the moon
 peering through the window pane
 Her wounded heart's bleeding in her lap
 with waterfalls springing from her eyes
 Her frightened thouhgts overlap
 weaving a plan of flight
 No longer can the net of lies
 contain the sanity of her mind
 No longer can her closed eyes
 bear seeing the pain inside
 She grabs a back pack and starts
 packing necessary things
 panicking is her shaking heart
 The door is about to cave in
 The window is her freedom gate
 She moves stealthily like a shadow
 Breaking the door but he's too late
 His daughter slipped through the window.