Shantanu Chindhade

Different kind...

I am an eye specialist practicing in Pune city for the last 25 yrs or so.Writing poetry in my mother tongue for the last 45 yrs .My two collections are released.English poetry is a new avenue for me and I am trying my best to come out.I write prose as well.I run a group of amateur poets and writers…

Dipressed dismal doorways
I listen to your whisper
How should I blossom again
When darling you are not there...
This season of heavy fall
Tears rolling over cheeks
When spring was real around
I smiled for many many weeks
Fierse waves withered
Moon was floating above
I heard a cracking whistle
And saw a flying dove..
As now we have departed
Closed are shutters of mind
If at all we meet again
We could be of a different kind...!