Margo Marie Morlock

Diamonds On Mars

Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia and now living in the beautiful state of Florida with my husband. Writing has always been my passion. My inspiration is touched by life's that are so precious to me in my life. My father, William G. Morlock has passed on his talent as a poet and given me my art…

You briefly reminded me of my beauty
And penetrated my heart with longing
desires. It rains diamonds on mars,
quietly you said.
My diamonds lie in the soul of you.
Why do I long for the desire of the
first kiss? Once taken and never given
back, once tasted and never swallowed,
once created and never rebuilt.
I cannot replicate together the desires
lost, but long for the first again.
My life belongs to the love once made,
intimacy once shared.
It rains constantly in my heart,
my emotions lie in the lake of feelings
of being wanted and appreciated.
I perish the imagery of mars, where it
rains diamonds. And the only precious stone
of them all, rain holds no boundaries,
to an endless love.