Jawahar Gupta

Diamond script of imperishable

 You are my bridge between seen and unseen
 Like the broad smile on the two ends of my lips

You have a language but I do not have any alphabet
 I am trying to write a poem with letter of every moment

I am trying to translate the diamond script of imperishable time
 Without obstruction to see the flower where his mouth awakes

I do not want to fall like a child who has just learned walking
 i want to run smooth like the trained soldier on the road of life

Now fear of a life evaporates as star loses light on the sunrise
 The Truth is that alphabets have mercy box of tears and smiles

But your name presses my thoughts as sky presses the round trees.
And I adore your name like a child desires at sea, to always be free

~~~~~~Jawahar Gupta~~~~~

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