chance robbestad

Devil on my shoulder

Born and raised in Prince George BC. Id consider myself a reflective man. I started writing at 17 years old. I am now 30 and just going to get back into it. The bulk of what is on the profile thus far is within the last 5 years. I grew up in an alcoholic home and much of my writing is influenced by…

It seems of late I can't tune out

The voice of self loathing, fear and doubt

No valid reason to believe what I feel

But like a wave it consumes me, as a shark does a seal

He waits patiently until the time is right

With predatory instincts he knows when to strike

He prays on the weak, he prays on the lame

He prays on the strong, only when they are in pain

He prays on the present, his arsenal the past

In attempts to ruin the future and leave me outcast

He is bent on destruction, his goal is this

To take me from my loved ones, and drag me into the abyss

The devil on my shoulder, most days is never heard

Its only when I am at my weakest that he pummels my mind with words

When my life is out of balance, my health begins to slide

He is at his strongest and working hard to misguide

When my life gets to this point, when he has my ear

Filling my mind with lies, and feeding my fear

It takes time to shut him out and regain control

It takes time to rebuild, my mind body and soul

I am committed to this task and I will overcome

I will not turn away, I will not run

I will regain control, and with it my dreams

I will take back my life and I will go to extremes'

I'll train, I'll write, I'll share, I'll fight

When it's all said and done he will run from the light

As I rebuild my life, and regain my spirit

His power will fade, his voice I won't hear it

So for those who I have hurt, for those who still care

I ask for your patience through this war I declare

Every breath, every rep, every tear, every rhyme

The battle starts now, one day at a time.