Wallace Dean LaBenne

Despots (Iraq 3.18.03)

Professor, therapist, author and poet.

"Playground bullies" create terrors
Not only in strange, distant land
Under our nose and near at hand
Self-serving purpose they fulfill, ignoring democratic will
Against them, too, we take a stand
Stopping acts of evil-bearers.

Surreptitious infiltration
Motives disguised with friendly smile
Offering help: the extra mile
Under this cover violence reigns, hateful passions run in their veins
Ulterior means all the while
An ego's amalgamation.

These two-bit thugs we can't appease
Nor tolerate their aggression
Nor yield with docile concession
Nor accept hostile despots, nor shrink from fear when things get hot
Overlooking their transgression
We have the good and peaceful keys

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