Shakil Ahmed Baliyavi



Darkness has gripped me once again
All the efforts to refrain
Has gone in vain
Again a fear has ripped the brain
My soul is again raged with pain
A fire raging flames all around me
I am pouring hatred disgrace
Disrespect, disinformation
All sort of destructive wood and ghee(animal fat)
Love and truth creates metabolic disorder
Digestive system is doing blunder
Pride is being torn asunder
I am not used to listen to clouds thunder
Not accustomed to lightening
Never like brightening,
I am afraid of the shining of the sun
I fear dawn
I fear that morning will tell the story
That why I lost my old glory
My fear has turned my nature
I have become a crawling creature
My body is under multiple fractures
I am lying on stretcher
I want a very big tree
Where I can get shelter get a lee
I am waiting for the day
When destiny will embrace me
And I will also start feeling free……