Often Honest

Democracy and Child's Questions

My wheels are wood my feet are glue
I use them slow and stick to you
If you got away I'd run away
but I can't run away, not just for you
not in a world of blue, just changing hues

they asked me why the sky's so pale
at time's its just the bird's flight jail
you can see it's blue, if it rains all day
I drink its sadness from a pail
If I could I'd cry and wail, might cure the stale

the horseman's stall is clean and stocked
this saddle makes the horse feel stalked
he'd go hungry if he ran away
the chickens scratch their bloody smocks
made a pact to never talk, just peck and walk

my masterpiece in a chalk driveway
made the barn, the lake and the chevrolet
the train pulled in and moved the tracks
paths come out from the steps and fray
you gotta walk all day, every day right away

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