Kumar Kamal

Dear Dhokhena Hawoa

My dear miss dhokhena hawoa(southern wind)
When I went to Bangladesh I brought for you
a container of sheindoor(vermilion)w/ me to
give you and O I wished so much that someday
I would put it on you to see how the Moon
shine on you;and then I had also brought for
you a couple of sari(snow white,red Benarasi)
in hope that someday you would wear it for me
and then together we would sit side by side
by some soft,sweet,silent,serene river side
to see the Heaven gather stars,stars,stars
O pity me,my hope has lost her wings,the gift
that I had brought for you have started to
gather moss,dust,memory;and the jewelry that
I got for you losing their color and glory
Dear dhokhena hawoa please don`t worry,do
ignore me;have already told much about myself
do tell me something about you now please?
How you been?what hopes you harbor?what dream

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