Paul Randall Adams

Day of 9-1-1

We were unsuspecting
But we never could've known
What truly did happen
When those dangerous planes were flown

If I could turn back time
At least a day or two
I would call 9-1-1
and say "I need to talk to you."

"I have a feeling flight 11 will soon take a crash
and send the World Trade Centre with it
People will die in a flash."

"Please, PLEASE listen,
Don't open the Twin Towers,
The fire of death will burn those souls,
And stay lit for many hours."

"The towers are to crumble down,
if we can't stop that flight,
Those Hi-jackers,
Will make children cry through the night."

Children will be parentless,
thats the least that I can say.
Parents will be childless
because of that tragic day"

"And even though you think I'm joking,
The date of 9-1-1 is a very tragic day
If we could've only stopped them,
beside us those people could stay."

"If stop stop all flights today,
make sure no one is aboard,
We can save the Pentagon,
And the children, whos parents love they have stored."

But I can't turn back time,
Yes I know its true,
But if you've lost a loved one,
I will pray for you.