Deepak Kumar Pattanayak

Darren Sammy is your name

Darren Sammy is your name
And cricket is your other name
A loss or a win
To you means all the same
And when you win
Reigns on your face a big smile
And what value
Those fours and sixes carry
If you do not transport
Those sweet smiles curry
Tall, slender and dark beauty
Walk and run
Bat and ball gracefully
A ball goes up
A ball goes down
Catch- you scream
Be it third man, fine leg or gully
In all such positions
Your smiles potentiate your mien
And I don't know when
I became your fan
Not that you are a star
A kind of a smile so rare
Like many a color
You mingle with this game
Makes you sweeter and humbler
Irrespective of win or loss
For me you are always a winner
For smiles have the potency
And indomitable power
That can win this cold world ever…….