Joe fritz

darkest corner

The things that i write about are from personal experiences or from my heart, and even from my soul I love to read and write, I also write songs. Many of them

In the darkest corner of my soul
Lies the darkest secret
That takes its toll
Keeping it hid
So no eyes may see
Telling no truths
Is the way it must be
These tortures of mine
 I put myself through
This daily routine
 will never be new
No hope but despair
No dreams I'm just there
A breath should not be mine
Taking up space
 wasting your time
Oh poor pittifull m
You will sit there an say
The trueth is I wish
This were my last day
In the darkest corner of my sole
Lies the deepest, darkest hole
Were in lies my sanity
Locked in a cage
I will never be free