Timothy Francis Savage

Dark Wood (Halloween)

I have been writing poetry most of my life I love how so much can be said using so little. I am not a literary person but have always enjoyed this form which drips out of me, for reasons I can’t explain, almost constantly. I have written poems to try and explain this like Surfers Block, Special Pre…

Deep in darkest twisted wood
Where hollow eyed crooked trees
Look greedily upon the unwary.
A squeak of bats and howl of wild dog
Slice the chill night air.
Spindly wart infested fingers shield
The unwanted light of the moon.
Beauty, happiness and innocence
Relish to be devoured,
Made helpless by trickery and spell.
To survive these demons in their lair,
Strength and focus of mind is key
For they will poke and elaborately
Deceive to disclose your weakness.

Do not feed these creatures.
Never be tempted by this path.

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