Riva Murphy

Dark Times

I am a living, breathing poem, a compilation of lyrics, and an enigma. I am dramatized, by traumas past and a life that is unequivocally mine.

*revised* 8.5.2012
Dark Times
by Kymlee Kopera

I might see the sun go out in my life,
I'll embrace its' death with open arms,
because this world we live in is almost void of hope,
void of joy, compassion and warmth.

It's filled with disaster and souls are amiss
and hard around here to know
that everything that was once beautiful
is tainted, corrupted and cold.

Maybe there is a glimmer or two
a reason why we should be saved,
but for now all I see is our time growing shorter
as we come to the end of all days.

so depressing as this, train of thought is
I feel that we could be redeemed
through light in the darkness, if it still exists
where are you? we need you? my friend...

The childlike fear of nothing,
the answers to all of our doubt
the trust...belief, something bigger than us,
what we need? unconditional love.

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