Brittani Bowden

Dark Savior

My name's Brittani, I'm 15 years old, and I've been writing poetry for the last few years. I have written around 90 poems in that time. Not entirely sure if that's a great feat or not, but I'm happy with it nonetheless ^-^ And, of course, I will be adding and adding and adding and- okay, you get th…

At least I knew who I was
But these shadows seem to know me better
I wish I could know you
The shadows seem to shy away from your beauty
Would you keep me under your wing?
Your sweet scent fills my senses
I know that you are my dark protecting angel
Even if you don’t know my appreciation
Or that you are my savior from this shadowed hell
Each glance for each second
Equals an hour of sunlight
The sunlight of your eyes and smile
Keeping me warm
Until you turn the corner
And the shadows seep back into place