Dad watch me.

Poems....are what keeps me going.... Poems are what stops me....My name is Milton...I am young My name is Milton...I am Naive My name is Milton...Doesn't matter... What I say..How I say it...My name is Milton...I thank you for letting me share my burden with you...But I must Warn you...My name i…

"Look at that fool begging on his knee
for a busy, busy bee, haha I'd laugh if
that fool wasn't me"

My Dad always told me theres plenty
of fish in the sea, He'd say "Look
a miniature me!"

Like a needle and thread my dad
tried to drill knowledge into my head
It started with The art of war
and mack within
To woo a whore and attack a friend

But sadly I accomplished none of his goals
It may be tyranny but we live on two different poles
no 48 laws of power for me
some call it advance case of A.D.D.
no I call it love in anarchy

Don't get me wrong I am his oldest son
it's just he's single and hes forty one

I may be young
but o god it stung
when I made you cry
I'm not that guy,I'm not that guy

I can't go on living if I'm not being me
Just know I'll never live by his philosophy
I don't want to regret an eternity
your the best girl in the world for me

I pray I'll get to say these
special words on a beautiful day-

their used to be seven wonders
of the world.
I found the eighth
Her name is Faith

She loves cheese
I love jello

Dad watch me.

I Dedicate this poem to you
if you read this far, and still feel the same
Call me.
out of the blue
they say it's when love truly...
hits you...

Surprise me.