Dad I Love You

The Dead Of Night
Broken By A Shreik...
I Run To Find The Sorce Of The Noise
Down Alleyway After Alleyway
In The Corner Of My Eye
I See It
A Heap On The Ground
As Soon As My Eyes Lay Upon It....
My Heart Drops...
As If Torn From My Chest Still Beating And Thrown Carelessly Like A Piece Of Useless Garbage
As If A Warning From God
The Sky Weeps
Its As If Hell Itself Is Raining Down From The Heavens
The Sky Weeps.
I Weep
I Weep As If The World Has Been Stripped Of Happiness And Left A Cold Dark Shadow.
I Make My Way To The Heap Of Lifelss Body
My Thoughts Raced
Who Was It?
Why Was I So Sad?
As It Came Into View,
I Saw It,
I Saw....
I Drop To My Knees
And Do All I Can
I Weep...
Thunderous Crashes Seem To Deafen The World...
I Lie Motionless
Beads Of Rain Form Rivers Down My Face
I Do The Only Thing I Could
I Weep
I Weeped
I Still Weep
Trembling, I Kneel Besides The Limp Body
Holding Him As Close As Possible
I Wisper To Him
Hopeing That He Can Hear Me
I Wisper...
I Love You...
I've Always Loved You...
I Will Always Love You...
I Love You.....
-William Otis Ashmun II

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