Nikita-May Kammerer


You passed on when I was young
too young to remember who you were
but deep down inside I believe
I know you very well
I think about you all the time
sometimes even more then my Mama
the one you once loved
I think about you day and night
and wonder why you died
why did you commit yourself to suicide?

I've heard all sorts of stories
the good and the tragic ones
but no matter what I know
I still love you with all my heart
when I think about you it always makes me cry
picturing your appearance
Mama had put in my mind
green eyes, curly brown hair and a beautiful smile

How much I want to meet you
and have you hold me in your arms
the way you did when I was only one
photos I have seen are kept close to my heart
that's how I know your always there
following every footstep through my life

{Written by Nikita-May Kammerer 2001}