Crystal Bones and Thrashing Waves

I'm simply a very imaginative 14-year old that likes to express her thoughts through poetry, and this website provides me with the opportunity to do just that. I usually don't express feelings through my poems though, because what I write does not necessarily reflect any past experiences or emotion…

But she only wanted,
to see beyond the broken glass,
to taste the flavor of crisp fresh air,
while around her the waves would thrash.
She only wanted,
to try and fly from the summit of the cliff,
to whistle a romantic tune,
while floating in chilly water before it grew stiff.

That beautiful girl with the crystal bones,
With the sheepish smile and a brain of stone,
The angel face that I called my home...
All I want now is,
for her to be here with me,
but that beautiful soul is gone,
lost to curiosity.

I know she didn't cry,
scream out in agony,
No one could have saved her,
So quickly swallowed by the sea.
That doesn't stop this guilt from
flooding me with rage.
She thought like a child I should have looked over more,
and I lost her to the sea's rampage.

And the surf still swells and crashes,
and the tide still dances and thrashes...