Lori Dixon

Covered In

My name is Lori DixonWriting poems, short stories has always been a passion of mine. Writing is my way to deal, understand my own thoughts, feelings.Most of my writing is deep and emotional.Writing my poems is a freedom for me.As I begin to write each word describing my feelings, thoughts, it allow…

I'm pressed!
Stressed and feeling squeezed
The disguised brick walls are turning to glass.
I'm puzzled by this riddle that refuses to make sense to me and everyone keeps believing
I'm losing confidence in myself
My hope is melting into despair
Yet the choice to give up
I can not relent in
This descion is being forced fed, to me.
It is harassing me
I feel persecuted
What once was clear now appears complicated
The one who wears a black robe has decided
My knees are breaking from within and my confidence in the law is being completely obliterated
They have fallen for his sainthood
This pressure of living his lie has affected me
I'm disappearing
His innocence of deep crimes is now covered in my blood.
© Lori Dixon

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