Donald Vess

Conception to Death

I am a Published Poet, Photographer & Writer. My Books can be found on Amazon under Donald D.Vess and you can find me on FaceBook

Created in thought by an unseen supreme being,
conceived by two through their desire,
born into a world with no directions,
crawling on a path burning a hell fire...

Crying when hunger became a necessity,
comforted when the pain was no longer felt inside,
relaxed in the arms of the caring given,
smiling while hearing words that made no sense...

Slowly growing into a walk with no sight in its end,
lying when caught doing wrong in the eyes of the accuser,
tears falling silently inside as a secret love made its point,
knowing all have been in this moment as a child...

Sent to a school that taught man's ways and knowledge,
taught numbers and letters creating another existence,
learning the difference between knowing and not knowing,
for thirteen years then they give us a piece of paper...

Thrown into a kaleidoscope tunnel of ways and means,
leaving behind our young youth and self growing teens,
with a thought that sometimes lifts up and then demeans,
while living in a place where nothing is what it seems...

Growing old through the trials and tribulations,
drawn to a supreme being during our suffering,
lashing out as the sorrow takes its toll,
wisdom's growth is bigger than what the flesh can hold...

Lying in wait for that last breathing day,
pondering over all that took place over time,
memories filling visions that can never be seen again,
for this reason your soul I pray the Lord to keep...