Shakil Ahmed Baliyavi


Wind pipers are on rampage
They are all on the beautiful stage
They are blindly playing instruments
They don't care for fellow's equipment
The composer likes only drum
He is throwing his stick at random
Perhaps he likes only one dish
He wants to eat only fish
The atmosphere is thrilled
With awesome agony it is filled
The muse has forgotten symphony
No instrument is in harmony
The audience is totally confused
Watching music being badly abused
Soothing music is not at par
The pipers are on a sort of war
It is barely decorum's violation
Causing death some suffocation
If composer goes astray
Is there any meaning of musical play
This seems to be fun of a day
That music is turned into ho hay
If the pipers are not harmonised
The mood of orchestra is vaporised
Listen to music which sooths like flute
Rest all are noise just ugly and brute