Amber Gillie


Variety of poems I have written I'm a Poet, Hopeless Romantic, Believer, Dedicated, Lover, Mother, Klutzy, Believes in Fairytale endings, OptimisticI see beauty in everything that God has created & see "art" in all forms.

With you I feel like I am complete,
My love is as strong as concrete.
For many years I have felt very lonesome,
But with you my heart feels at home.
Safe is how you make me feel,
For you have made a steal.
I give my heart away,
It is only for you everyday.
You're exceedingly charming,
I know there won't be any harming.
I love how your eyes shine,
When you're looking at mine.
 In your arms I feel so secure,
I know there's all we can endure.
Your smile lights up like the sun,
I'm so glad that I'm your Hun.