Joe fritz

complete dispare

The things that i write about are from personal experiences or from my heart, and even from my soul I love to read and write, I also write songs. Many of them

My eyes weep for my soul
 It has come that point of hopelessness
 That all else shall fail in the darkness of despair
 The fall of a man's desire to become
 More than just a man
 Is the desperation of soul that cannot forgive
 What has made the heart fill with emptiness
 Cold and wet, shivering from the blackness
 of a deep endless hole that has become
 The existence of all that I know
 Breathing, only to for the ongoing purpose
 That staying alive will bring some kind of peace
 For as a coward know not what he does
 Only the belief that control
 can bring satisfaction to a soul
 that has become as dark as the blackest night